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How to Pick a Mattress

All mattresses look pretty when they are brand new, but it is what is inside that makes them last. You want one that will knock you off your feet!

Mattress styles

There are a variety of mattress styles today. Some mattresses are made with just foam, synthetic and/or specialty foams, while others are a combination of foams and steel springs.

At TriCity Furniture, we will always give you the inside story on each mattress‘s construction.

Serta mattresses are 100% constructed in Michigan. Each bed is made of American components, designed to give years of comfortable sleep. Most styles offer a firm, plush, pillow top and euro top design so that you can get the exact comfort and support for your body.

These styles vary in the amount of padding that is added above the spring or foam core interior.

Mattress manufacturers can easily change the interior components of a mattress to vary the cost. Do not be fooled into thinking a $399.00 Queen mattress set will last as long as a $999.00 set. The quality and longevity of these sets will definitely be different!

Innerspring mattresses offer different spring units with variable coil counts from 200 coils up to near 2000 coils. The higher the number does not necessarily mean the bed will give you better support. The number of coils in combination with the weight of the steel spring is key. The border construction is also important, since we sit on the side to get in and out of the bed.

Foam encasement of the spring unit offers support to the edge to give you support the full width of the mattress. It also does not allow the edge of the bed to weaken after years of use.

Take our Quiz to help figure out what mattress will be right for you.

Come to TriCity Furniture and take some time to try the different mattress support systems available. You deserve a great night’s sleep!


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