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Mattress Comfort for You

Two things that help are having enough hours of sleep and having a comfortable mattress! Comfort comes from supporting your body so that it can rest. This allows our body to rejuvenate from the day’s stresses.

Selecting a perfect mattress can be difficult…what should be considered to make sure the mattress is comfortable?

One of the most important things to do is to lay on it….and make sure you lay the way you sleep. That might be on your back, but many people are side sleepers, so make sure to try the mattress on your side to get the correct feel. Side sleepers need to be more aware of pressure points, because side sleeping puts more pressure on the shoulder and hip areas!

Is side sleeping and pressure points the cause of tossing and turning?

In many cases, yes it is the reason! Pressure on your shoulder can put your arm to sleep and causes a tingling in your hand. You will many times then switch to your other side to alleviate the pressure.

If you are a side sleeper, is there a better support system to fight against pressure points?

Yes, a mattress with more padding will help to cushion your should and hip to eliminate the pressure points. The bed should come up into your waist area for support and the padding should give you more of a floating feeling!

What type of bed would be best if you are a back sleeper?

Back sleepers usually will like a mattress that is firmer, because laying on your back, your body is flatter, so a bit less padding will still comfort you and the springs will support you! Back sleepers do not have the same pressure points as a side sleeper. Also, back sleepers eliminate pressure on all of their internal organs, so it is a great way to rest your body!

So, the difference in the mattress padding varies to support body weight?

Yes, the padding is actually what makes the mattress costs vary! There are varied firmnesses in mattress…. Firm, med firm, plush, plush euro tops and pillow tops, and then there are even firm pillow tops! The way the manufacturer combines different foam densities offer different supports systems! It is important to get the feel that allows your body to rest the best!

Most mattresses have springs, but it is the padding which gives the feel that you want! If the density of the foam is lower, the padding can more easily compress and will give body impressions! It is important to have high quality padding so that the mattress gives you consistent comfort for many years! You also need enough springs in the mattress to keep the structure of the bed for the body or bodies on it. Most quality mattresses start with at least 800-1200 coils inside, under the foam. Purchasing a mattress with only 400 coils will not last!

The best way to know the mattress comfort is to lay on it for more than 3 minutes....take your time. It is a very important decision and investment. Come talk to us. We will guide you through the process to find the best mattress for you and your budget!

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