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Mattress Price Variables

There are so many different mattresses, some just foam, others with springs and probably a few other variables as well! What really makes the cost difference between all of these different beds?

We need to talk about the inside of the mattress! Same goes for your furniture or a car. You know it is the inside that matters! You are purchasing a large box that is all covered with material…and you probably have not asked what is inside! Well, you really need to. The inside is what gives you longevity and comfort!

What is inside your mattress determines the cost…..or should I say, what might not be there will make it the lower cost!

What are the most expensive components?

There are two basic types of mattresses, ones with springs and padding and ones that have no springs….just the padding!

Talking about spring mattress, there are different types of springs as well. The quantity of springs is also important! One main feature of a spring is that it should be made of tempered steel. Tempering allows the spring to go up and down without breaking. Much like a safety pin is tempered and can open and close many times, where as a paper clip can be bend once or twice and it will break! Mattress springs must be tempered so they last a long time!

Tempering of a spring seems like it should be a normal option! Yes, it seems like it should, but it is a way to cut a cost, and that is what it is all about! With the cost of components…there are ways to always make something cheaper and this just one thing!

What other components can be changed?

The other big variable is the padding! So, the thickness of the foam and the density are the two variables. Many manufacturers are using higher quality foam like latex and memory foam, because these foams do not break down and compress like polyurethane foam! Again, there is a big cost difference between different foams….and how thick the foam is! Some all foam mattresses, might be called memory foam mattresses. You would think that the foam is all of the memory foam, but really there could be just 1” of memory foam on the top and the rest is filler foams! There are lots of ways to make it cheaper! You need to ask and research what you are buying.

So,how do we know what is a better deal for a mattress?

Just realize that the cost probably reflects the components! Higher cost should have more and higher quality foams and springs. Lower costs mattresses probably have less springs and lower quality foams! Unless there is a good reason for a bed to be discounted, such as a discontinued style or a floor sample sale, the prices will reflect the quality! There isn’t a $1500 mattress that will sell for $399 everyday, or that store will be going out of business!

Online sales are a little tricky. Many times there is hype tied to a purchase that can only be made online. They want you to think that is is something special and that the box stores "can't have it." That may not be true. The normal stores may not not WANT it, because we know what the real quality is. Don't pay extra for something you have not tried or sounds good on a cool commercial. You really need to go out and try it. Invest in your sleep. It is investing in your life and health.

I always say, buy a great mattress, have great comfort and keep it a long time! It will be the lowest cost and you will save it out of the landfills!

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