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Mattress Size- Part 1

Updated: May 15

In mattresses, is size really important? One thing that we all need at one time or another is a new bed.  Maybe we move in bed, maybe there are kids, or maybe you have fur babies, but whatever changes throughout life, lots of things make us consider a new bed, with new options!

The comfort that the construction gives is key, but the size of the mattress is really important to how well we sleep as well. Size  does matter!

Think about finding the right shoe size.  You need the correct length as well as width, so your feet are comfortable many hours a day!  What happens if you buy a shoe too small? Cramped toes or blisters on your heels?

Size will determine if you sleep really comfortably or if you hold on to the edge for dear life! Yes, size definitely matters!

People seem to deal with the size of the bed they have……maybe it was inherited or purchased when for a  smaller apartment. But, now it just isn’t comfortable!  Is size the issue?

It is usually thought that we spend a third of our life sleeping.  and another 15-18% sitting on a bed, watching tv , or scrolling the internet!   That is about 50% of our day spent on a mattress, yet many people, as much as 40%, say they do not rest well! There are several factors which can contribute to not sleeping well, but one of the most important reasons is space!

What should be considered when determining a bed size?

There are several things to look at….

  • Number of people using the bed.

  • Height of people using the bed

  • Different sleep positions

  • Space in the room

These reasons help you understand your size choices. Selecting the best size will help you get the best rest.

First,  let’s talk about the number of people using the bed.

The number of people that are sleeping in this mattress helps us select the correct size.   For 2 adult people, King size will offer the best rest because there is enough room to eliminate partner movement, and also offers cooler sleeping because there is space between!  And, let’s not forget about kids and pets… is so important!  A mattress should offer enough space for everyone!  Many people say they do not sleep well! The comfort of the mattress may be the problem, but many times it is about the size of the mattress!

How do you determine what mattress length is best?

You take your height and add 6 inches, then select the mattress longer than the length you calculated. Choose Twin or Full (74.5" L) if you're under 5'9" • Twin XL, King, or Queen (79.5" L) if you're under 6'2" • Cal King (83.5" L) or custom if you're over 6'6".

What do you mean, different sleeping positions?

Some people are side sleepers, back sleepers or stomach sleepers, and many are a combination of a couple of those.   Some people sleep angled in the bed, sleeping corner to corner….all this movement can be disturbing to a partner, especially when a bed is more narrow. The bigger the width, the more space you and your sleeping partner will have and the more rest you each will get!

What about the room size needed when selecting a larger mattress?

The room is an important consideration. If your room has a full size mattress now, going to a queen size just adds 6” in both directions.  And to go to a king size, the length is the same but you need an additional 18”!  Most newer homes can accommodate these larger mattresses!

King size really doesn’t need all that much more space in a room. We will talk more about room sizes next week!

Thank you Kathy for helping us understand more about the size of mattresses and how larger beds help people to get better rest!Thank you for watching DesignTime!

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