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Mattress Warranties

Updated: Oct 7, 2021

Have you been shopping for a mattress? There are a lot of things to consider. Of course you are looking for the best sleep at the best price. When you think about a big investment such as a mattress, you should ask about how to care for this investment, and the "What Ifs"

What if ....I don't sleep well?

What if....a spring pops out?

What is too soft?

What has an issue?

These are all things you should talk when buying new. Learn more with Kathy on Design time.

Serta has an iComfort collection that gives you 120 days on trial (you must try it for 30 days before). If you selected wrong, the first time around, you are given a one time "try again". The money you paid towards the first mattress is used and if there is a difference in cost, you will need to pay the difference. No money is given back if 2nd mattress cost is less than first. There may be a fee for pick up or delivery. This is a comfort warranty, vs a product warranty. Your original mattress goes to be donated when the new mattress is picked up.

Product Warranties look at more of the wear and material of the mattress vs the comfort. Below are guidelines for Serta Warranties and their Do and Don'ts on how to care for your mattress and maintain your warranty.

What’s in a name? A lot, actually.

When you think of Serta, you think of exceptional comfort. We are proud to be a leading brand across the globe and innovators in the art of comfort for nearly 90 years. Serta is committed to helping everyone find the sleep comfort they deserve.

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