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Returning Mattresses

Updated: Apr 30

I was watching TV late one night and I saw one of those ads that offer a mattress in a box. It talked about how you could open, unroll it and try it for a few weeks. If you did not like it, it offered a return. That made me wonder...."How do I get it back in the box? How do I get it back to the store to ship it back? What happens to it when it get's back to the company? Do they repackage it and resend it out? Was the mattress in my house used? " Let's talk about it more in Design Time with Kathy Kilbourn from Tri City Furniture.

Some mattress companies do offer a comfort guarantee, such as Serta's iComfort collection. This warranty comes directly from the manufacturer itself. If a comfort guarantee comes from the store itself, be sure to ask questions, because that may be an exchange, meaning you may get a "new" mattress or you may get a "floor model" or you may get someone else's who did not like it after a 100 days.

Since Covid-19 has come into our world, policies and rules have changed everywhere. Many companies will not take back anything, because it could be contaminated and bring sickness to their employee's, warehouse and factories. And with so much unknown about it all, could you blame them. They are trying to keep individuals safe. Thinking past Covid, there are bed bugs and other pests that could also be carried within a mattress. The risk of that is great enough, many Goodwill foundations will not pick up any large goods due to the same fears. Insurance polices have even changed where old furniture and new furniture can not travel on the same truck due to cross contamination.

If it is a comfort guarantee from a store, vs the company itself, know that you could be getting a mattress that was in someone else's home.

Always read the fine print about an exchange. Most often it is a one time exchange. You may pay the different if you move to a different model. You may not get any money back if you choose a model that is less money. You may have to wait till yours comes in. You may have to pay a new delivery pick up fee. Your original sale discount or promotional gifts may not apply or you may be charged for them. Always read the fine print. .

It is important to come in and take your time trying the mattress in a store. If 2 people are sleeping on the bed, make sure both come in and try the mattress you are thinking of selecting. Take your time. Ask questions. There is no rush. We want you to love it!

I know that there are computerized comfort machines that are suppose to help you find the exact comfort and mattress choice, perfect for you. Beware, because those machines can be set to put you on specific level of qualities, usually the top end of mattress lineups. Of course the store would like to sell you a higher quality bed for a higher cost, but that machine may be doing it for the store's benefit vs for your benefit. There are ways to understand your needs, and with a sleep specialist asking questions and watching how you lay on a bed, we will usually get a much more accurate selection through talking with you. Come in and talk to us. We may have 40 mattress on the floor to try, but after a few questions and trials, we can direct you to the best 3 within a very short time. It doesn't have to be scary. Come on it. Get ready to sleep better!

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