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School, Kids and Quality Sleep!

Now many people have busy schedules with school, sports, dance classes and music lessons! Add homework, TV time and friends or family and you could have a packed 24 hours. Getting back to a schedule can be very difficult and keeping that schedule may even be a larger task. The lounging days of summer are over and a time frame now matters. Real life has set in with kids and their busy schedules!

School, Kids and Quality Sleep at Tri City Furniture

Now, you may not be that parent who runs the party bus around town to each event, but even if you are just working, cooking, cleaning and trying to encourage a 5 year old or a 15 year old in their own tasks- that is a fulltime job plus!

It is very important to keep a consistent schedule for yourself and for your kids! Remember what everyone told you when they were babies..."Sleep when they are sleeping!" That is still good advise. Sometimes you have to forget the dishes and go relax. The dishes will wait for you! They always do for me!

Getting into a regular routine usually takes a few weeks. 21 days to form a habit. You must make it a priority. Tell yourself, if you are not your best you, everyone around you is missing out!

A regular sleep routine for the the development of a healthy body is critical! They grow so quickly and sleep is key to keeping them healthy! Your kids need their sleep. As much as they may fight it, their body and brains need good rest.

Tips to help Kids get better sleep

Here is a sleeping chart of how much sleep is recommended per age group:

  • Toddlers, 1-2 years old sleep 12-14 hours a day

  • Kids from 3 to 5 need 10-13 hours,

  • School age need 9-12 hours Teens need 8-10 hours per day!

Kids go through constant physical changes so it is important for them to get quality sleep as well as enough sleep everyday! Undisturbed sleep is key to rejuvenating their minds and their muscles, especially in younger children. Sometimes I look at my grandkids and think..."Did they grow at school today? They seem taller and more grown up from when I saw them earlier today!"

Sleep is fuel for their rapidly growing bodies and minds. Without enough sleep, it can affect their mood, agility and stamina! Sleep is essential to good health as much as diet and exercise.

taller people in bed

There are a couple steps to making sure your children are getting the best sleep.

1. Children need a mattress that cushions their body while giving support! It doesn’t need to be extra firm! Support gives them restorative sleep which allows for healthy development! Firm and supportive is not the same. I

Please do not give them the oldest mattress in the house, because "they can sleep anywhere". They may be headed to a life of chiropractic treatments due to bad support and posture while growing! Supporting their backs today helps keep their bones aligned while they are growing!

Serta Mattresses at Tri City Furniture

2. Uninterrupted sleep is necessary for children as well as adults. Serta Mattress puts a lot of research, time and money into their coils therefore you get uninterrupted sleep. Less partner disturbance to move through all your sleep cycle. Getting enough sleep helps children cells rejuvenate, allows their muscles to repair themselves and supports their mental development.

Children need a regular sleep schedule. Parents need to provide the correct conditions to make it happen!

  • Make sleep a priority

  • Create an environment that is conducive to sleep… It should be cool, dark and quiet with no electronics. Remove blue light from the space and light from electronics before bedtime.

  • Follow a bedtime routine. A quiet time with calming activities like a bath or reading gets children ready for sleep.

  • Avoid caffeine in sodas and foods before bed

  • Try to manage worry and stress

Sleep is the power source that keeps their minds alert and calm. Remember healthy sleep habits make for happy children!

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