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What are Mattress Impressions

One of the problems that people can encounter with a mattress is a body impression. A body impression is an indent into the mattress where you usually lay. The body compresses the foam padding and causes a dip!

Is an indentation normal for a mattress?

In a quality bed, it is not normal.

But, depending on the padding that you have in your mattress and how old it is, yes, usually a mattress will show some kind of indentation.

It is much like a pair of shoes…..they are stiff to begin with, but as you wear them, they break down into different shapes according to the shape of your foot!

Lower quality mattresses for sure show more body impressions due to being made with lower quality foams. Some may explain this due to them having more air and less foam. This quality of foam is less dense and crushes or sinks in with repetitive use..

Please notice we are not talking about "cheap" mattresses, because often some of the lowest quality ones have the largest price tags.

Lower quality mattress companies cut the costs of a mattress by using a lower quality foam. It may be fluffy looking or thick, but you will sink in. Maybe that will feel great the first while, but after the foam has all settled in, you will not be a fan. Typically, the thicker the padding, the more visible the body impression will be. Mattresses that are thick pillow tops may always seem the most comfortable, but can have more issues in the long run. Don't think that you can't have a pillowtop, because there will only be issues with it,. Buy quality foam and you will not have to worry. Just like bed pillows… there are some pillows which will flatten within 2 weeks and others that are still good for 5 years! It all has to do with the quality of foam that is used.

A Hybrid mattress has springs within it that will hold your weight and help keep the mattress shape overtime. Again, not having the correct springs within the mattress can cause the mattress to loose it's shape and comfort over time. You need all the elements inside to work together to give longevity and comfort.

The firmest mattresses will have the least issues with body impressions, because firm mattresses have the lowest depth of foam tops. Also, the foams that are used are typically firm, dense foams. They do not have space for air. They will compress the least.

Specialty foams such as memory foam gels, and latex foam do not have the compression issues like polyurethane foam.

Keep in mind, there are many quality levels of these products, so just because you get memory foam, does not mean it is a high quality! There are many qualities of foam, just like there are many qualities of a burger. Did you go to Hot and Now? A Pub? McDonald's? They all may have the same name or title, but we know that they are not the same!

Specialty foams can be made into all different levels of density and they vary according to the costs! You need to go by the warranty that a manufacturer gives! Work with a local store, because they are the face who will help you if you have an issue. A quality store will not sell you a mattress that they know you will have an issue with, because they will see your face throughout the community. They do not want you to have issues with it, because they are the customer service line, as well as the sale's department.

Mattresses that are purchased online, for instance, can be a lot of different qualities, and it is hard to know what gives you the comfort that your body needs to rest best on! from a screen or a review. I always say, buy from someone you trust….that they will tell you the whole inside story, and will stand up for you if there is a problem! There are many ways to make a product cheaper….you may think it is a better price, but usually it is a lower quality product! Foam is only one area to look at. If you want to know more, please come in and talk to use. We will be with you through the process and make sure you get the best sleep of your life!

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