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What is the Best way to sleep….Side, stomach or Back?

Updated: Apr 30

One of my favorite topics is SLEEP! How do you sleep? I hope you always get a great night rest, but there are many ways to sleep.

Let's talk about which way is the best to get the rest we need.

There are really only 3 ways to sleep….on your back or your side or on your stomach….(unless you do a mixture of these together.)

Which is the best way to sleep for your body?

All things considered, really laying on your back is the best for your body. Our back frame structure has the least amount of curves so we can get support the whole length of our body, if the mattress we are laying on supports, and isn’t sagging anywhere!

Why would people want to sleep on their stomach?

Usually a person has learned to lay on their stomach because the mattress they were sleeping on was sagging badly! If you lay on your stomach, your back doesn’t allow for your body to end with the mattress, so it will feel firmer! Lots of times this happens with kids where they may have inherited an older mattress. Stomach sleeping is very hard on your neck!

Caution! Did you hear that! You may form your child's sleeping habits, by giving them an old mattress that is sagging. This may cause them to sleep improperly for the rest of their life!

What about side sleepers?

Slide sleeping is a lot better for your body as compared to sleeping on your stomach. You can keep your spine more straight, but make sure you have the correct pillow. A thicker pillow is required to fill width of your shoulder. This way, your spine will stay straight.

Another thing to watch for is a bed that has a good amount of padding, so it doesn’t put too much pressure on your shoulder and hip. The padding should come up into your waist area for complete support the whole length of your body!

Are there other reasons that makes sleeping on your back best?

Along with giving your body full support, laying on your back eliminates pressure on your internal organs. This way helps your whole body to get better rest. Also, the flatness of your back has the least amount of curves that creat pressure points. You will tend to have less tossing and turning on you back, if the bed is giving you the correct support!

Just keep in mind that the bed needs to be supportive…..not necessarily hard or firm, but supportive! Coils Count so make sure you have enough to support everyone sleeping within the bed including the pets, kids and owners of the mattress!

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