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Why Buy American Made Furniture

There are several good reasons to purchase American made furniture, but one of the best reasons is choosing to support our country! You are supporting local business, but also lumber companies, woodworkers, furniture designers, factory workers, office staff, fabric mills, catalog and web designers and truck drivers. There is a lot of furniture made right here in the US!

When you buy American made, you are contributing to our economy.

Shop Local, Buy American Made

Furniture is a product that is done by many hands! More than I listed above. It doesn’t go down an assembly line with machines making a frame or putting Upholstery on it! It is all made by hand.

And I want to say, it takes a lot of hands when you consider everyone involved. There are the designers, catalog makers, web designers, market staff, reps to help each store learn, train and order the product, machine managers, office staff, janitors and I am sure a few I failed to mention. Then the actual making of the furniture begins. This involves the cutting the frames, building the frames, putting springs and supports in the frames, fabric mill producer's, pattern makers, pattern cutters, upholsterers, sewers, Special designs with nail heads or tacks, people who cut foam pieces for all the different parts like backs and arms and seat cushions, people who inspect, and packaging to guard against damage and the dispatch, load runners to trucker drivers! There are lot of people involved in each piece of furniture made here in the USA!

American Made Furniture Workers

It is amazing that this product is still done by hand because there are so many things that are done by machines! Imported furniture has a massive carbon footprint that is detrimental on our environment. There are many rules and standards on the American manufacturing that are designed to keep our environment clean and green. Foreign countries do not have these kinds of rules on emissions that can get into the water, air and soil.

American quality is unsurpassed. Manufacturers use solid hardwood, heavy steel spring systems plus skilled craftsmen who are proud of the pieces they make! Pieces are built to be comfortable and built to last! Imports do not have that same vision for furniture. It is built cheaper to be replaced quicker!

Safety standards are very high on American products, especially furniture and mattresses. There are many standards to protect your health and safety.

Products from many foreign countries do not have these standards…they may be dangerous chemicals added to wood, paints with lead, dyes with toxics, and thin fabrics. These things could compromise the health of you and your family! Not only do these rules protect us, but also put into place to protect the American workers!

Imported Furniture cost more

Cheaper product are cheaper. They costs less, because they are made with less. Over the pass few years though, shipping has become so great that we are now seeing that the freight costs more than the imported product itself. That doesn't make me feel to comfortable to know that I spent more money on the freight of an imported sofa than the materials inside of the sofa. Yikes! Buying that imported sofa did not do you, your family, your community or your economy any good. Why do it then?

Imported furniture in the dump

An imported $899 sofa may look nice in the show room, but that "nice look" will fade quickly and you will buy that $899 sofa at least 3 times in the same life time of an American Made sofa for only $1299. After time, effort, tax and delivery 3x, you wasted money and regretfully filled the landfill!

Purchasing from American manufacturers helps to confirm that we want American products and it will send a message to these companies to bring their manufacturing back!

Buy quality and get comfort….and keep these products out of the landfills.

Furniture is a good investment! You need to think of it more long term, because if you buy correctly it can last you a very long time. There are a lot of great reasons to buy American made furniture!

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