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Life to Your Living Room Before & After Design

So, you want to change your room up, but you don't have the budget right now to buy all new. You may feel stuck and don't know where to start. Let us help you! Take a look at this living room - Before and After....

Transformation Aspects:

  • So...what has changed? You will notice that not much has changed in the room if you look closely, but the whole feel of the room is completely different! 


Flooring- the same as before

Sofas- They are the same too

Wall Color- Pretty close to the same...They did paint the walls a more true white which does give the floor and the fabric of the sofa some contrast to the walls. This was probably not necessary and did not create the WOW affect that you see. Paint always does gives a fresh clean look for a reasonable price though.

Declutter- Get rid of what you don't need or find a better place for it. Taking the recliner out of the room allows for a much more pleasing entry. I hate to walk into a well put together room and see the mechanism of a recliner staring me down. Cleaning up the space allows you to have focal points. The cramped area of the TV wall with the entertainment center, bookshelf, sofa, table, lamp, and artwork sends off a vibe of claustrophobic. Too much stuff in one space! Let's reposition it in the room for better room harmony. 

Focal Points & Color- A room must have a focal point. If you don't create one, one will appear on it's own!  It is nice to have the room's color pallet enter with the focal point as well. Can you tell me what the accent color was in the BEFORE room? Brown Maybe? Can you tell me what the accent color is in the AFTER photo? Spa teal right!!! Easy to see! The focal point of the artwork surrounding the TV is very pleasing. You almost forget that there is even a TV in the room. 

Details- Picking a side table that has a decorative back is a very nice detail when you have a floating living room area. Therefore the piece looks pleasing from all areas of the room. Bring the accent color across the room with a blanket and pillows also completes the look. The plants bring nice height and softness to the room also adding texture. 

Artwork- Notice that they kept the original artwork that was in the room, but moved it to the long horizontal wall of the hallway. This is a much better space for it due to the art's horizontal shape.It will also allow the room to feel wider on a wider wall.  The new art that is to the right of the TV is a vertical piece, which matches the shape of the wall it is on. Artwork is the frosting on the cake. You must get the shape and the positioning right or the room will never look correct or put together. If you struggle with this, set up an appointment and we will come over and help!


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