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Spring is here! How to freshen up my room!

Design Time on WMEN TV5

May 2020

TV5 Design Time WNEM

Today on TV5 we talked about.....

It is finally Spring and this is the time I love to freshen up my main room for the Spring/ summer season! This year, probably more than any other, we are in our Living Room all day-due to the pandemic! You may really be ready for a new look! You may also be at a loss on what to do to give it a fresh look, especially when we cannot go out to buy right now!

So, what are a couple things you can do to give your room a fresh look?

Well, the easiest way to impact a room change is to paint, and add new color with a sofa and chairs, but here are some ideas that you could do right now, and you can enjoy today!


Unclutter the Space.....put away the blankets that we used all

Winter, empty off the end tables or coffee tables of

Magazines... and put away those last couple of Winter

accents that we forgot to box up with Christmas decor!


Maybe you want to move furniture around. Yes, you can switch the sofa to a different wall...usually there are two ways to set your room up, so make the move!


Those of you that have children, young or old, have

an afternoon art class! Make sure the paper size fits one of

your picture frames. Then, put it up instead of that 20 year

old family Portrait! Your kids will be so happy you are

displaying THEIR piece and it will make you smile as well! The Living Room wall means so much more than the Kitchen Refrigerate!


















Add new pillows .....make sure some are bold colors!


Add a fresh bouquet of flowers.....maybe you have some

Daffodils blooming....bring them inside and enjoy while the

weather is still cool outside!


Add some fabric panels to your windows......they are pretty

Inexpensive, and because they are vertical, they will add

Color and design quickly because you see them more

Strongly than something horizontal like a rug!


Rearrange your book shelves.......add a family heirloom

Piece or maybe a pitcher that you use in the summer for

lemonade. It will add color, and it gets it out so you can

easily use it!

Take a few pieces off the shelves if they are, less is more!

Update your picture frame’s with more current family pictures...and if you are like me, I will have to print some!


Painted by Sloane- Age  3

Painted by Roxy- Age 4

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