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Thanksgiving, Natural or Glam?

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November 2020

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Thanksgiving, Natural or Glam?


Now we are into November and we are looking forward to having family come over for the holidays. This year, we have so much to be thankful for, especially getting together!  So today on DesignTime, we are talking about decorating your dining table for Thanksgiving dinner, or a smaller get together with friends. 


Many of us are not going out and shopping right now. So, here are some ideas for how to decorate your table with what you may have at home. We are using for our NATURAL TABLE, the natural fall colors of Harvest. Here, we are playing with the oranges, golds and browns.   I have laid a matt of green moss and then added my pumpkins and pine cones on top!



  • Notice, I have my decorations placed on a larger try, so that when company comes, they see the beautiful decor, but when it is time to eat, I can easily pick the tray up so there is room for food!

  • If you are using candles, I would add them in before the smaller pieces. Be careful of dry materials being around your candles. We don't want to invite 911 staff due to an emergency.

  • Add a few green stems (silk or live). These will help to keep the pieces from moving around. Layer them in giving you some depth and height.

  • Adding a bit of twine to the napkins or glasses gives a finish details that others may skip over, but will add to your theme. 

Now, let’s take a look at a different design. This is a much different look from what we might think would be at a Thanksgiving table! Yes, you can do Glam with pumpkins. Something a little more contemporary and edgy!  I have used some of the same type of pieces, but have concentrated on Black and White for the color!



  • Contemporary normally has more empty space. These designs are less filled. I am not using the tray, but sitting my decorations straight into the tablecloth!  With the contemporary feel, the design and pieces are more lined up and I have added some white flowers to add just a little softness.

  • Try to carry your theme through with the plates and napkins.....on this side I am using the white plates, black napkins with a white ribbon.

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