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The Serta Perfect Sleeper Hotel Signature Suite Double Sided Mattress Collection comes in two versions. 




This is a double sided mattress, meaning it can be flipped and roatated. It is often used in hotels due to it's long life and comfot.


The firm version does show it's continuous support, where as the plush allows the topping to confirm slighly to your shape. Both have a surface of PillowSoft Aire for pressure points, but remains supportive. A PillowSoft Foam layer offers additional cushioning and pressure point relief, to help stop tossing and turning. The Cool Twist Gel Foam is comfortably breathable, removing moisture and heat from your surface area and adds another layer of conforming pressure relief.


Support That Sticks Around

The 800 Continuous Support Is a very durable coil system that gives you strong and reliable support throughout the night. The coils are uniquely tied from head to foot to ensure motion transfer is reduced.


Enduring Edges

You can get in and out of bed, sit on the side, and sleep near the edge comfortably without worrying about breaking it down. There's added support with the Total Edge Foam Encasement.


Refresh By Flipping

This is an uncommon feature now, but this mattress is two-sided. You should flip the mattress to the oposite side every 3-6 months to reset the mattress coil system inside.  


Comfort Type: 

  • Firm
  • Plush


Mattress Height/ Layers: 

  • 15" Firm
  • 14" Plush
  • V-Block™ Technology confirmed to be effective against many different viruses and bacteria
  • FireBlocker® Fiber for safety
  • BodyLoft™ Foams
  • Serta® PillowSoft® Aire
  • Cool Twist®  Gel-infused foam cradles the body and helps promote airflow for a cooler night’s sleep.
  • Breathable Topper
  • 800 Continuous SupportCoils System
  • Total Edge® Foam Encasement to prevent edge breakage and  for safety of slidding off the edge
  • Border Rod Support - NOT Adjustable Friendly
  • Posturized Center Third
  • Head-to-Toe Helicals
  • Warranty: 10-year non-prorated
  • Meets federal fire-retardant safety standard
  • Made in Michigan- USA
  • Is NOT Adjustable Compatable. 

Double Sided Collection

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