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Smart Strand Carpet by Mohawk

The best carpet is smart strand carpet from Mohawk carpet

We carry residential and commercial carpet. We work with our own installers. Our designers will come to your home to make sure the measurements are correct.

Set up an appointment today!

We are with you from start to beautiful finish!

We have nylon and Poly Fiber carpet, but we LOVE Smart Strand Carpet by Mohawk. 

You can have it all-unbeatable spill protection, permanent stain resistance, long-lasting durability, and so much more.

  • 0% moisture absorption to reduce pet odors in the carpet fiber

  • Moisture Barrier Pad so stains won't "wick" back up after cleaning

  • Nanoloc™ spill and soil shield for quick and easy cleanup

  • 3X easier to clean dirt, hair, and pet dander

  • Lifetime, built-in stain protection 

  • This is the only carpet fiber with durability in its DNA. The unique spring-like shape of the fiber molecules means SmartStrand carpet resists crushing and matting, maintaining its beauty and softness for years to come.- the warranty even covers stairs and hallways!

  • SmartStrand Silk Forever Clean does not sacrifice softness for performance. To achieve its luxurious feel, SmartStrand Silk packs 700 silk-like fibers into just one strand of yarn, maintaining the carpet's appearance even after 60,000 steps—that’s 3X longer than comparable nylon carpets.

If you love red wine, chocolate cake and want to keep Man's Best Friend inside- then Smart Strand is the carpet for you!

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