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How to Pick a Mattress

Tips You Should Know before you Purchase your Next Mattress

There are many factors in getting a good night’s sleep: comfort, stress, room temperature, dirty dishes, pets…all of it play a part.To get it right though, you should start with the largest aspect- the mattress.

Most mattresses look the same on the outside- a white box!

So knowing

Couple in a comfortable bed because of new mattress

what is inside really matters! The mattress needs to support your body in a neutral position, one in which your spine has a nice curvature and your buttocks, heels, shoulders, and head are supported in proper alignment. If the mattress is too firm, it will push on those main pressure points and take you out of alignment. If it’s too soft, those pressure points won’t be properly supported, so your whole body flops back which will create new pressure points.

  1. Go to the Store. Laying down on each mattress in the position in which you normally sleep is a must. Spending at least 10 to 15 minutes on the bed- head to toe, not across the middle.

  2. Pillows Matter. Talk to the sleep expert at the store. There are different pillows for different sleeping positions. Find the right pillow before you try the mattresses.

  3. Size Does Matter. It’s true, size does matter when in the bedroom. The mattresses size….is very important! When you sleep on a full or queen size mattress with your spouse you have less space than a child’s crib. Maybe you love your spouse that much and if so, then that is great, but having the proper amount of space is important to a great night’s sleep. If you have had elbows, children or pets fly over you, nudge or smother you throughout the night then maybe a larger bed, a pet bed or a lock is something to think about.

  4. Foundations. The foundation, often called the box spring, is super important to your mattress comfort. Think of it like a new home- if you have foundation issues of the home, then you are in for trouble. The house can not properly stand with a week foundation. Make sure your foundation and your bed frame has the proper support for your mattress and for those sleeping on it. Some stores try to skip this step, because they may think “Hey…if the mattress breaks down due to a bad foundation then they will come buy sooner again.” NO! You work hard for your money! Make it last by purchasing the correct pieces. Also make sure you ask about different heights and sizes of foundations.Maybe you need it lower to prevent injury or narrower to take down the stairs,.,,we can help!

  5. Types of Mattresses.

Innerspring Mattresses

Innerspring mattresses are still by far the most widely used, because they support our body with a coil spring. Better quality mattresses even used individually wrapped coils that allow for undisturbed sleeping from a partner’s movement. Coils that are tied together transfer movement. On top of the coils are a wide variety of materials added for comfort- latex, memory foam to specialty foams. Comfort level is affected by the layering of these foams. Coil count is important! Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. The coils support our bodies. If you do not have enough support, you will feel it each and every morning. Innerspring mattresses come in all comfort levels: firm, plush, pillow top, super pillow top and euro-top.

Memory Foam Mattresses

Memory foam mattresses are made of layers of different densities of foam that respond to weight that contour to the specific shape of your body. No Pressure Points. No Coils. Knowing your foam type is very important, because many foams reflect or react to your body heat either making you sleep way too warm or causing the foam to “hammock” under you without proper body support. Quality Foam beds have found ways to keep neutral temperature all night long and throughout the hot months as well and continual support for your boy all night long. Normally these mattresses only come as plush, but here you will the difference between supportive and firm. You can have a supportive plush foam bed- no problem. Someone who has had hip replacements will enjoy a foam mattresses, because the support they need is there, but no high intensity pressure points

Hybrid Mattresses

Hybrid Mattresses are the best of both worlds. You will still find the support you may need with an innerspring coil, but those coils will be covered with layers of specialty foam for comfort. Again, coil count does matter within Hybrid mattresses and these mattresses do come in all comfort levels: firm, plush, pillow top, super pillow top and Euro tops. Most Hybrid mattresses will come with a comfort guarantee as well, because quality companies know that it takes time for your body to adjust to this new technology.


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