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To Flip or Not Flip?  That is the question!

Understanding What is Inside Your Mattresses:

Many manufacturers like Serta have switched to easy care styles which do not require you to flip them over several times a year. People either just forgot to flip or their bed was too large for them to do it, so this allowed for you to put it in place and forget it! Serta puts a supportive base under the coils that keeps the coils in place. Higher quality foam products are then used to give the mattress better durability designed to last!

Today, there are several other variables in mattress construction. The biggest difference is with padding materials. The manufacturers are looking for products that give comfort and support to our bodies, as well as longevity to the mattress itself! Let’s look at the newer types of padding used in today’s mattresses!

The Fire laws have been largely the reason for many of these changes. Products like cotton and felts that were used had high flammability and therefore have pushed the manufacturers into finding alternatives that work with the fire laws.

Today we find 3 basic types of foams being used:

  • Polyurethane foam

  • memory foam

  • latex foam.

Polyurethane Foam

Polyurethane foam is a synthetic product and is used in many products for the home today. We find it and sofa cushions, chair cushions, restaurant benches, and any other product where softness is added. In a coil spring mattress, polyurethane foam is the padding over the coil springs. Usually several layers of different density are added to the top of a mattress to give a firmer or softer feel to the mattress and cushion from the feel of the steel coils.. Polyurethane foam is the lowest cost product used as padding. It works well in firmer mattresses, but can show body impressions as it is layered up into thicker pillow tops.

Polyurethane foam comes in large blocks of foam as well as many different qualities which then can result in price variables that we see in mattresses. Keep in mind, a $99 mattress will not last like a $399 mattress. You will fine a higher quality mattress will carry a longer warranty!

Memory Foam

With the need for more durability in ‘one sided’ mattresses, Serta and other manufacturers needed higher quality foam products. Specialty foams such as Memory Foam had been used by NASA to give support without pressure points to the astronauts.

Memory Foam does come in many different qualities

and can change the price of a mattress drastically.

Memory foam is a closed cell product which does not breath. It allows you to sink into it feeling like it cuddles around you and alleviates any pressure points. Many times it is used for critical patients and burn victims because of the elimination of pressure against the skin.

One complaint about memory foam is that is can sleep warm. Serta has infused the cooling gel into the foam which keeps the bed much cooler. You definitely will want the cooling products if you are purchasing memory foam.

Other variables with memory foam mattresses is the quantity of actual memory foam that is used. Imported mattresses may have 1″-2″ of actual memory foam, and then is filled with other types of foams below! This is the reason that there are so many price ranges for memory foam beds. If you compare, an all memory foam mattress will have a truly ‘floating’ feel as compared to others where you sink into and hit bottom! Don’t be fooled by the price!

Hybrid Mattresses, the Best of Both Worlds!

Hybrid Mattresses use memory foam as the padding but also come with innerspring coils in the center. This allows for the cushion feel, plus extra support! You will not sink into the hybrid mattress like you do an all memory foam bed. This style seems to work well for many people!

Latex Foam

Latex Foam has been around for a long time. It is much older than Memory foam and is the only natural product in this group! Latex is made from the sap of the Talalay Latex tree and is the closed thing we have to real foam rubber. The latex is poured into a foam with edges the size of the mattress, and looks like a bed of nails in the center. Depending on how the latex is cooled, the foam will be made firmer or softer.

Again, there are different qualities of latex foam which varies the pricing. The best qualities are American made manufacturers! They will use solid latex cores the full depth of the mattress. Pure Latex International

Makes latex mattresses 9″,12′ and even 15″ thick! Other manufacturers may use 2″-3″ of latex over a polyurethane core which is much less costly!

Latex varies in feel because it is constantly pushing up as your body lays on it. It is softer to the feel yet gives support to your body. You will lay “on” latex as compared to “in” memory foam. Latex does not create pressure points and because of the air holes in the foam, it does not sleep hot. If you are needed support for you back or side, yet need softness, latex is the correct product for you! Many people who have had replacements hips can enjoy laying on their side and have no pressure on their hip joint.

So Many Mattresses, Which Foam Do I Pick?

Each style of foam has its own feel. The best option is the one that feels the best to you! Laying on the bed for several minutes helps you to understand the feel as well as determine the support that your body needs. Back sleepers need something totally different than most side sleeper. We will help guide you as you try the different systems so that you will have the best sleep every night! When you find the right bed, you will need a good alarm clock so you aren’t late for work!

Come check out our beds….you will be glad you did!

See you soon!


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