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Thanksgiving Breakfast Charcuterie

This is one of my favorite holidays….it means “Holiday of Gratitude”. We have so many things to be grateful for, so it is a time to celebrate family, friends and of course, done with Food!

As our families grow up and have families of their own, we have had the problem of too much food! Our kids have a couple of homes to visit, and of course, a large meal is served! But, there are lots of times they are really too full to have another meal!

This is an idea to celebrate with your family, earlier in the day, and not such heavy food like a turkey dinner!

I suggest to lay it out on your table and have everyone sit around the table and enjoy conversation and laughter! Maybe have a list of fun moments that occurred over the past year, along with memorable moments like marriages and graduations!

Now, for the food…..breakfast items, but in smaller pieces, such as small waffles, with fruit toppings, rolls, smaller parfaits and don’t forget the Harvest decorations! Small pumpkins, whole fruit like apples and oranges, nuts, and gourds! Maybe take a walk with the grandkids and find some pine cones and color leaves to add to your table decor!

This will be a relaxing morning and time with family and friends, and ‘not too much’ food so everyone has an enjoyable day!

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