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Happy Daylight Savings!

You either love or hate the time change from Daylight Savings.

Lamps buy one get one free

I was taking to a family today and the father told me, “I love the change! Our kids are so use to going to bed when it gets dark, they asked to go to bed last night at 6pm! We actually got to sit down together and watch a movie without cartoons. I love the change!” The mother had a different point of view. She said, “Sure, they went to bed easy ,BUT they forgot to look out the window at 5am this morning when they were wide awake! And could I wake him up? Not a chance!”

I had to laugh a little, because I remember those days. They get better…eventually.

To make these dark evenings and early mornings a bit brighter we are offering a Buy ONE table lamp, Get ONE of equal or lesser value FREE Sale now till November 30th.

When you crawl out of bed, wouldn’t clicking on a bright new shiny lamp make you feel a bit better, even if your loving children are screaming your name?


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