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Most Versatile Piece of Furniture

Updated: Apr 30

I am here with Kathy and we have a very interesting segment today….You are saying this piece is the most versatile piece in a room… might be a sofa, or a chair but it is neither of those! 

 Kathy, what is this piece?

It is an ottoman, or also know as a footstool or in the old days it was a hassock!  It was used to make the blood circulation of the body flow more freely when sitting. Footstools were used in everyday life back starting in the 17th century. In early American homes the footstool was very valuable, and took precious space even though the living quarters were cramped.  In the 1800’s, many people had a ‘fender stool’ which sat in front of the fireplace and people would use it to warm their feet!

I know that a lot of people use them, but they do not usually think of them as such a versatile piece!  It is definitely much more comfortable to have your feet on as compared to the wood coffee table and it allows everyone on the sofa or sectional to have their feet up!

Yes, many use an ottoman today instead of a coffee table.  Can it still be decorated like a coffee table?

Absolutely.  Depending on the firmness of the top, it is easy to just set a tray with your accent pieces or snacks. Also, very handy to just lay your current book on top and not worry about it scratching your table top!

That is fun….both a coffee table and a footstool in one!  What is another a use for an ottoman?

It can be moved easily and become extra seating when you have extra family or guests.  Because it has a cushion like a sofa, it is still very comfortable to sit on!

Ok, you said most versatile piece.  That is just a couple of extra advantages but is there more? How about Storage….is that an option?

Ottomans can come as storage, so it is a great place for blankets, pillows, books or even toys for the grandkids!  The pieces are near by but out of sight!

That is a great feature……anything else that an ottoman might offer, thinking of kids and grandchildren?

It is a great table top for playing games with the kids.  They love the height and you have no worries about scratches when they are rolling dice or playing with marbles, or even running their toy cars across the top!

That is a great idea!  Those uses would not be good for your coffee table!  That is a lot of great benefits for such a small piece!

Yes, and the most important feature of an ottoman is that it brings your room furniture together!  It is a piece that can add color and design!  They come small, medium, large, extra large, round, oval and square, with storage or without.  They can have legs, castors or even swivel in fabrics, solids, prints, and leather!  If you can think it, many manufacturers will build it!

I think you are right, an ottoman is a very versatile piece for your room, not only for putting your feet up on!

 And, I might add, many of these pieces are very reasonably priced…mine are All American made, with framing and springs and beautiful covers!  And today with much more cleanable fabrics, especially for your fur babies! Every room should have a couple!

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