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Best Carpet Ever Invented

When Smart Strand was unveiled in 2005, it was quickly embraced by consumers looking for an innovated alternative to traditional carpets.

Traditional carpets were so much work! No one wants to spend their Saturday cleaning their carpets or to pay strangers to come in to their home to clean the carpets for them!. Polyester carpets “crush” leaving walk patterns, making new carpet look old quickly. Nylon carpets held their shape better, but constantly stained and held that stain even after working it out. I’ve been frustrated a number of times by a nasty stain that “wicked” itself up from what I thought I had clean. Somewhere, somehow that stain always returned from deep below. All the time and effort spent clean and the cost of cleaners and machines! Ouch! People got upset, but Mohawk got busy creating something new- Smart Strand!

In the first 10 years, Mohawk Smart Strand has earned an impressive record!

  • The first new fiber introduced in over 50 years.

  • Yes, Smart Stand is not Nylon, Polyester or anything in between. It is actually a new fiber called Triexta. And yes, it is a worry free fiber.

  • The first bio-based carpet using a rapidly renewable resource.

  • Mohawk Carpet does not want to compromise the beautiful earth around us, so Smart Strand is made in part with annually renewable plant-based resources. This enables Mohawk to reduce the energy consumption in the manufacturing. It is made with Dupont Sorona polymer, which is OEKO-TEX certified free from harmful substances. (Our babies deserve that! Think how much time they spend on the floor learning to crawl and walk!) With Smart Strand Forever Clean, you can rest easy knowing your carpet fiber is certified for safe and healthy homes.

  • The only carpet that boasts durability and permanent, built-in stain resistance.

  • Built-in does not mean covered or treated. Built-in means the fiber itself is stain resistance.

  • This is the perfect carpet for families with kids and pets, because the New

Nanoloc spill protection allows easy clean up. Spills will not sink down and absorb into the fibers. Instead whatever you might have sloshing around at your home: tomato drink, grape, cherry or orange sofa, energy drinks, white or red whine, cranberry juice, peach iced tea, iodine, olive oil, coffee, toilet bowl cleaner, chocolate milk and many more will just bead up on the floor and will not sink in. The stain block is permanent! It will not come off when you vacuum or clean the carpets like all other carpets. This is not a topical protection that will wash or wear off! It has no dye sites for spills to adhere to. WOW!

  • The highest-rated carpet for consumer satisfaction, clean-ability and durability.

  • Smart Strand does not hold onto dirt. Tested by NASA, it has shown to release up to 3x more dirt than other carpets! Think, instead of sweeping over the same area 3x, just do it once! Save time! Live again! This means you can breathe easier in more than one way!

  • Smart Strand Silk, the world’s most luxuriously soft and durable carpet.

  • Your toes will thank you, because they will love to twist and turn in the softness. Smart Strand Silk retains its beauty, even after 60,000 footsteps. It is proven to be up to 3x more durable than comparable nylon carpets. Some say the fibers have memory. Each innovated fiber is engineered to have a spring- like kinked molecule that bounces back so you have no wear marks or walk paths. It is the world’s toughest and softest carpet. You do not have to sacrifice performance. The result of packing more than 700 silk-like fibers into ONE yarn is amazing!

Now, introducing Smart Strand Forever Clean, the first carpet to combine built-in stain protection with a nanotechnology spill shield. Any Smart Strand carpet you buy today is now Smart Strand Forever Clean. Come in to touch and feel it today! Lifetime warranty against stains, soil, anti- static and pet urine. Twenty-five year warranty against abrasive ware, texture retention, fade and defects. Smart Strand has quality woven within every fiber. It is affordable too! Why buy a more expensive Nylon product that will stain and break down when you and your family’s health will be better with Mohawk under your feet!

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