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Designing A Room

Every job has criteria that makes you better or worst. Knowing laws and rules to your talent, make you all the better at it. Learn today from Kathy on some basic Interior Design rules to follow in making your space one of a kind.

Good morning and welcome to DesignTime. I am here at TriCity Furniture in Auburn, with Kathy and we are going to discover the most important factor in designing a room!

Most people would say that they are confused with what to do first, and when it doesn’t work- what to try second. Kathy, where do we start when putting a room together?

Putting a room together is maybe easier when you are doing a whole space, but starting in the middle with just one piece can really be confusing! There are several things to consider, like amount of space, and how you use the room….But we need to start with the one important thought…..and that is comfort! It has to be comfortable! A beautiful space is useless if we don’t want to spend time in that space. Style is important, but comfort is king,”

Often we only think about the piece as far as style or color. Those are important, but I find people cannot remember a lot of the details in a couple of years…but they do know if they like to sit on it or if a chair supports their back! It is much like shoes….You know the ones that fit and are comfortable, and you will wear those more than the ones that hurt your feet!

The next thing to do is look at what it comes in- fabric or leather! There are colors that are found it furniture…..I call them furniture colors! They are richer tones due to the undertone in the color. You can find these "furniture colors" in paint, but often it is not the swatch your picked off the wall at the paint store. We want our color pallet's to match! This is very important in design. There are 80,000paint colors, but many of them do not work with fabric, so you want to find the fabric before you select the paint. It will also make it easier to find the wall color that works when you know what color you are matching to! Many paint tones are white base. Sometimes that works in your room and often it does not.

I almost daily see it done with blue. Client wants to paint the room blue (or already has painted.) They come to be saying that the room does not look right. My new chairs don't work. I need to buy again. Why didn't this work? Well.....You painted before you found your fabric first of all. And then you picked baby blue color paint. - it is white base. Can you see the color in your head?

The room design color would be more of a grey blue or a taupe blue. This is why the undertone is so important. Another way to think of white base paint is to think about the Caribbean and the homes there. These bright tones may not work in your Livingroom

. Many times we need to replace a piece but don’t really want to do the whole room. This is difficult because you may have colors from 20 years ago, and those tones are no longer in style or even available. If you are able to match it in, It can look good, but then another piece might need to be replaced and you have the same thing over again.

Biggest issue is that you replace piece by piece, and instead of getting a new look, you just get newer pieces with the same old look and colors!

Many times you have new pieces but you really don’t like the space! You want to think about how you can update a room piece by piece, so that you end up with the new look you want with the correct set up. MAYBE we need to move the TV? MAYBE a sectional would work better than a sofa? . LAYOUT is done before you replace anything! It is like a road map…..make a plan and know where you want to end up… that you do it to the plan and it gets you to the results that you want!

Making a plan will save you from mistakes! That is what we do at TriCity Furniture. We help you understand about furniture so you can make your plan according to comfort, design and budget. We will help you get the end results. It is not about the sale. It is about YOU! We want you to love what we are creating together!

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