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Sectionals- Keep it Together

Updated: Oct 27, 2022

How does a sectional stay in place? With all the pieces that make it up, does it come apart? Do you have to keep putting it together? There are many different styles or connectors. Some of course are better and others are lacking. The idea is that your pieces will not move apart unless you want it to during times of moving/ transporting or cleaning.

The most common clip is the clam clip. One side is placed on each piece of the sectional and they "cup" into each other. The down cup is lifted when you would like to release the piece from the sectional grouping. Most often this piece is placed on the left piece of the sectional so you remember to lift that piece to disconnect.

Alligator clip is the common name for this clip. It is maybe the better of all the clip systems. It has a pivot to the head so it allows for easy alignment and adjustments. It locks tightly and securely due to the sectioning of teeth, but again lifting will release it quickly.

Some sectional groups do not have clips on the piece. They may tell you that it is designed that way to rearrange and create multiple layouts of the pieces you have. Often this type of sectional will come apart and pieces will slip out of place if not against a wall. If you plan on your sectional floating within a space, you really need to have a form of connectors on it.

There are leg rubber bands sold to hook on sectional legs to secure the pieces together. Often these are not easy to put on and do come loose over time. We want your room to look beautiful and feel comfortable. If you are falling through a crack of pieces you are not comfortable. If you are constantly pulling and pushing the pieces together you are not comfortable. You may pay a little more, but you also get a lot more. Ask about the construction of your furniture. Ask about what is inside or how it is held together. These are details that you will wish you asked 3 minutes, 3 months or 3 years down the road. The most expensive purchase is the one you have to buy twice, because you were not happy the first time around.

Let our staff at Tri City Furniture help if you have any questions!

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