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Mattresses: The Inside Story

What Makes Up A Mattress!

All of the mattresses that are sold today have beautiful quilted covers…..but what is inside is the key to having a comfortable bed that will last! You really only see less than 25% of a bed, so it is important to know what is inside the bed, as well as what isn’t in there!

Looking inside a mattress will determine the cost of a mattress

In traditional beds, we have several types of construction; Innerspring, specialty foam and hybrid


Innerspring Beds

Innersprings beds are the traditional style of beds made for many years. Flippable beds need to be rotated and flipped 3-4 times a year. This helps to even out the wear. Because many people did not flip their beds, manufacturers came up with Easy-Care beds which do not require flipping.

The quantity of springs as well as the weight of the springs vary the quality of the construction.

There can be 188 coils up to 1000 coils. The size and weight of the coils can be greatly varied. A typical steel coil might be 13 gauge steel. This will give a firmer support, but needs to be combined with firmer foam cushioning as well. There are many ways to construct the mattresses, so a comfort test by laying on the bed to see how it supports your back is very important!

An Easy Care mattress does not require flipping. The support materials are put on one side of the bed, and higher quality support materials are below the spring system. This is a great choice if you are unable to flip the mattress over!

Foam Beds

Specialty foams are high quality foam that offer certain characteristics. Memory foam is a foam that was created for the astronauts so that they were able to sit and sleep and not get pressure points. It allows you to sink into the foam so it cuddles your body shape without putting pressure on any part of your body. It is a closed cell foam which does not breath. It is very important to have a cooling gel infused into the foam to help you sleep cooler.

Another specialty foam is latex foam. This is a natural product made from the sap of the talalay tree. It is natural, breathable, renewable, hypoallergenic foam and made in the USA. Latex rubber has a long life so if a great product for use in mattresses.

Latex foam for a foam mattress

Mattresses can be made of 100% latex foam or layers of latex can be used as part of the padding. This foam has more support pushing up on your body without hardness. You will sleep more ‘on the bed’ as compared to memory foam where you sleep more ‘in the bed’.

Hybrid Mattresses

Hybrid mattresses are a combination of springs and specialty foams giving you the best of both worlds! The steel coils give support and the foams give comfort to support your body without pressure points. Many people will find this combination will give them amazing sleep and eliminates tossing and turning. These beds can also be used with electric bases which allow you to sleep in your most comfortable position.

The Serta Pivot base allows you to raise your head slightly all the way to a sitting position. This is a great option to alleviate breathing issues such as snoring! The Motion Essentials base by Serta offers multiple positions for the head and feet, presets, and massage. There are an infinite number of positions to give you the perfect sleeping position.

To find the most comfortable bed for your body, it is important to lay on the mattress the way you sleep. If you are a side sleeper, you need to try it laying on your side. Pressure points will occur on your arm and hip if the bed is too firm. There is a difference between hardness and support. You need support without hardness! Please stop in and talk to one of our sleep specialists.

They know the inside story and will be glad to help you find the perfect support system. There are many mattresses available but it is the inside story that will give you the quality sleep you need!



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