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What is a Cuddler?

This end piece is called a cuddler.  It is oversized, has just one arm and is designed to work with sectional pieces or just with a sofa!

A cuddler can work on the left or right side of a sectional, depending on your room set up!  And, yes the comfort is amazing!  It sits deep, so that you can stretch out and read a book, take a nap or watch a movie!

This piece is different from a chaise, correct?

Yes, the chaise offers the deeper seat to put your legs up on, but the design of the cuddler is to cuddle, with a spouse, or kids, grandkids or even your 60 lb fur baby!  The chaise piece is really designed for just one person to sit straight with their feet up!

Could you have a cuddler and a chaise in the same sectional?

Yes, because these specialty pieces connect to an arm, you could use a cuddler on one side and the chaise on the other!  It will be a large piece, so make sure it fits your room!

So would you say that the function of a cuddler is more like a loveseat, but hooked onto a sectional?

As far as function goes, the closest thing to a cuddler would really be a chair-and-a-half or oversized chair. This is because it's smaller than a loveseat, but still meant as a more intimate seat for two. As such, cuddlers usually have wider and deeper cushions meant for curling up into.

This cuddler piece has more of an angle to it….is that for a special purpose?

The angle of the cuddler corner turns inward to face the rest of the piece.  The extended seat cushion resembles a mini chaise but is cut on an angle, for design.  Keep in mind, as the names say, it is designed to cuddle up in!

It generally is about 55”-60” at its widest point, so it does offer a wonderful gathering area in a larger room.  There is plenty of space for everyone to spread out and enjoy a ballgame or movie!

Many of the American manufacturers do make the cuddler as a piece to complete their sectional offering!  It is a nice compliment to use instead of a reclining chair!

Thank you for showing us this unique piece, the cuddler!  It makes you want to crawl in and relax!

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