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Every Thursday Morning, Kathy comes to TV5 during the 9am News Segment to give you tips and education on furniture construction, quality, design, flooring and how to get the best sleep of your life. Maybe you are ready to paint? What color do you pick? What walls to paint? Will it be the next trend or will your space look outdated? You won't want to miss this inside look on how to make your money go further and your comfort to last longer. 

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Sofa Back Maintenance

What you should do to keep yours looking New!

carpet pad.jpg

Is Carpet Pad Important? 

Is good carpet pad Free?

Self Decking in Sofa at Tri City Furniture

What is Self Decking?

Did they cut corners on you?

Are you getting Quality? 

Covid 19 and furniture delays

Delay, Delay, Delay!

What is the Hold Up? Is it all about Covid-19? 

cooling bedroom pillows

How to Sleep Cooler when it is HOT!

The days have been hot! Here are some ways to sleep better!

Are Going out of Business sales real?

How to Tell a

Real Sale

When to know you are getting a really good deal!

Furniture back pillows made well

Back Cushions

This is just one Element of your Sofa that you should know

Laminate Floors vs LVT at Tri CIty Furniture

LVT vs Laminate

If you are faced with replacing flooring, find out the facts

How to Pick the right  mattress at Tri City Furniture

Picking a Mattress

Here are the steps to finding the best sleep for you!

Size of Furniture in your space

Size Of Furniture

How to know what will work Best in your Living Area

Cushion Quality

What makes a sofa last longer than others? 

How to decorate Narrow Rooms

Narrow Rooms

You may have trouble laying out your furniture design

Sleep Myths and what you should know

Sleep Myths

Your Mom may have told you a few, but what is true?

Cleaning your mattress

Mattress Protectors

How to protect your mattress in the best ways.

Grey vs Brown

What to Pick?

What color pallet should you pick for your space? 

temple with baby.jpg

What Piece do I Pick First?

A guide to help you

decorate your home!

Spring Front Edge in Furniture at Tri City Furniture

What Makes Quality Furniture?

If you buy imported furniture, you have lost these features

Buying the best adjustable base to sleep on

Adjustable Mattress Base 

How to pick the right base for your best sleep

quality made furniture at Tri City Furniture

Furniture Leg & Construction

Having a Well Built Frame will Pay Off!

Zero Gravity Recliners at Tri City Furniture

Zero Gravity

Designed By NASA

for your pain relief!

Stressless Furniture at Tri CIty Furniture

A Chair that Fits

Size does matter to your health and your comfort

Hybrid Mattresses at Tri City Furniture

Hybrid Mattresses

Is this the mattress that will allow me to sleep the best?

LVT Flooring at Tri CIty Furniture

LVT Flooring

What you should know before you buy. 

Reclining Sofa and Furniture

Reclining Sofas

You love to Lay Back and Relax, but Hate the Look

Steps to Decorate

Steps to Decorate

How to Decorate a Room in the Proper Order

How to pick flooring at Tri City Furniture

Picking Flooring

Do you need help knowing what type of flooring is best?

Come to Tri City Furniture for Mattresses

Everyday Mattress

What makes a spare room mattress difference?

Flip-able mattresses at Tri City Furniture

Flip-able Mattresses

A different way of thinking for maintaining your mattress

Flooring at Tri CIty Furniture near Midl

Click Flooring vs Others

We are here to tell you the Pros and Cons of LVT Types


Why does the sofa not fit me?

Picking the right depth so you fit your furniture

LVT Flooring at Tri CIty Furniture

LVT vs Laminate Flooring

What you should know about flooring before you Buy

pressure points to sleep better

Pressure Points While You Sleep

Picking the right mattress can also help take away pain

Coil Spring Systems at Tri City Furniture

What's Inside the Box?

Want to know furniture secrets to invest better? 

Chromcraft Dining Room Table Sets

Casual Dining

These Table Sets have a lot of looks & Quality

Finding the best Recliner for you at Tri CIty Furniture

All Reclining

Know more about the inside of reclining furniture!

Foam matttresses at Tri City Furniture

Foam Mattresses

What is on the inside Matters to your Comfort

Freshen up your room Design

Freshen Your Room

Here are some ideas to help you freshen up your Living Room

Fabric pilling and concerns

Fabric Pilling

Is this a flaw? What should I do about it? 

Norwalk Furniture Milford

Color of Furniture

Picking the Correct Color Fabric or Leather Does Matter

The best mattress to sleep on

Mattress Luxury

Is a good mattress a luxury or a necessary?

Bedroom Interior at Tri City Furniture

My Best Mattress

What makes a mattress the best one for me?