Design Time Video Segments 

Every Thursday Morning, Kathy comes to TV5 during the 9am News Segment to give you tips and education on furniture construction, quality, design, flooring and how to get the best sleep of your life. Maybe you are ready to paint? What color do you pick? What walls to paint? Will it be the next trend or will your space look outdated? You won't want to miss this inside look on how to make your money go further and your comfort to last longer. 

Latest Videos

Each topic links to the TV5 Video Segment, as well some extra information and tips on the topic. 


Back Cushions

This is just one Element of your Sofa that you should know


LVT vs Laminate

If you are faced with replacing flooring, find out the facts

Types-of-Mattresses (1).jpg

Picking a Mattress

Here are the steps to finding the best sleep for you!


Size Of Furniture

How to know what will work Best in your Living Area

Cushion Quality

What makes a sofa last longer than others? 

Bowling Shoes

Narrow Rooms

You may have trouble laying out your furniture design

Sleep App

Sleep Myths

Your Mom may have told you a few, but what is true?


Mattress Protectors

How to protect your mattress in the best ways.


A Chair that Fits

Size does matter to your health and your comfort

hybrid mattress.png

Hybrid Mattresses

Is this the mattress that will allow me to sleep the best?


LVT Flooring

What you should know before you buy. 


Reclining Sofas

You love to Lay Back and Relax, but Hate the Look

Image by Cathryn Lavery

Steps to Decorate

How to Decorate a Room in the Proper Order


Picking Flooring

Do you need help knowing what type of flooring is best?

Baby Sleeping

Everyday Mattress

What makes a spare room mattress difference?

Image by Seth Doyle

Flip-able Mattresses

A different way of thinking for maintaining your mattress


All Reclining

Know more about the inside of reclining furniture!

all foam.JPG

Foam Mattresses

What is on the inside Matters to your Comfort

Spring Roses

Freshen Your Room

Here are some ideas to help you freshen up your Living Room


Fabric Pilling

Is this a flaw? What should I do about it? 

milford Norwalk.jpg

Color of Furniture

Picking the Correct Color Fabric or Leather Does Matter

Couple's Feet in Bed

Mattress Luxury

Is a good mattress a luxury or a necessary?

Bedroom Interior

My Best Mattress

What makes a mattress the best one for me?